Kids and Hope Foundation
Giving can bring this country together. you can provide aid to the families. now is the time.

Walking through a New Jersey tent city or any tent city, is like stepping into another world. Without running water or electricity, tent city living is shocking.

Many houseless families have suffered, nightmares, depression and very frigid sleepless nights. During the blizzard of 2009, two and a half feet of snow covered the tents and many collapsed. 

Each young child deserves a warm bed, food, clean drinking water and a secure place to sleep at night.

Many parents have part time jobs, but without affordable housing, the mini-shelters are a temporary answer to the harsh east coast winters. You can help NOW. See the 
items needed
page and view our currently needed supplies.

These are warm, giving people. The media portrays them as a negative. I have never been afraid or told to leave. We are all human, when a fellow man, woman or child needs help, it is the kindness of others that create a better world.



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