Kids and Hope Foundation
spread the love, spread the word, reach out and help.
Sean Guiney was born in Havertown, PA. Sean graduated from Haverford High School in 1985 and started working as an auto mechanic. Soon after, Sean opened a repair shop of his own in Pennsylvania and oversaw day to day operations and served two hundred customers. While he maintained the shop he also volunteered at a local non profit organization for homeless kids. He packed the lunches and handed them out to the kids and saw first hand what human kindness can do for those in need. For many years Sean dreamed of starting his own organization. In April of 2009 Kids and Hope was born.

Sean continues to help kids and their families who have gone through hard times and need a little helping hand. His mission is to supply those in need with food, clothing, school supplies and proper shelter. Sean's additional goal is to educate his community about the growing homeless situation in America. With an abundunce of support Sean hopes to allieviate this rapidly decaying environment. Sean's motto is, "to think positive and change will come," a thought we all can use.
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